Title: Family Dinner
Author: Nutmeg
Disclaimer: I wish I was Joss. I really do.
Pairing: Willow/Spike
Dedication: to Witchy for the idea, and to Wendy for bugging me to write it. Thanx you guys!
Author's Notes: The master sired Darla, Darla sired Angelus, Angelus sired Druscilla, Druscillasired Spike. Followu=ing the pattern Spike must Sire a female. Hence, Willow is the perfect choice.

Willow drummed her fingers on the table. Her parents were home, and even worse, they wanted to have a family dinner with out of town family relatives Sheila saw her daughter drumming. “Willow don’t do that. It’s irritating.” Willow sighed. She wished someone were around to talk to. Than she heard a thump and a crash. She shuddered, besides her bratty cousin Bailey. Bailey came downstairs. “Aunt Sheila, where’s the phone? I need to phone my BOYFRIEND.” Willow sighed. “It’s on the table beside the front door.” Bailey picked it up. “Hello Brad. Awww…I miss you too baby.” Willow rolled her eyes, she knew that Bailey was trying to rub it in that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Spike knocked on the door. He could hear some little brat shouting inside the house. Willow opened the door. Spike could tell she was miserable. “What’s wrong Red?” Spike gently tugged her face up to look at him. Willow looked at her cousin; Bailey hadn’t seen Spike yet. “We’re having a family diner, and my cousin is rubbing it in that I don’t have a boyfriend.” Spike smirked. “Yes you do Red.” Willow looked at him, confusion on her pretty face. “I’m your boyfriend.” Spike bent down ad kissed her softly. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck; she had wanted to kiss him for so long. Bailey shrieked. “Aunt Sheila!”

Willow’s mom came around to see her daughter kissing some guy she had never seen before. “Willow!” Willow pulled back slowly, she was still dizzy from Spike’s kiss. Spike looked past Willow at her mother. “Hello Mrs. Rosenburg. I’m William, William Smith.” Sheila looked at him critically. He was handsome, and he seemed polite enough. Bailey was drooling, there was no way in hell this William was going to still want Willow, by the end of dinner he would be wound around her little finger. Spike smiled down at Willow. Finally Willow was his, if even for one night.

Willow was in heaven. Spike had kissed her, and now his hand was on her back, rubbing circles. Willow led him into the dining room. Spike pulled out Willow’s seat for her. Sheila smiled. This boy was polite. Spike sat beside Willow, under the table he began to stroke her leg. “So William, how did you meet Willow?” Willow glared at Bailey. Spike smiled. “Willow tutored me in high school. She was a great teacher.” Willow smirked at Bailey. “William, what are your plans for the future?” Willow groaned inwardly. Her dad could be awful. Spike looked at the man who had had the nerve to never be there for HIS Willow. “I plan to travel Europe for a few years. Than I will return to the United States.” Willow’s dad raised his eyebrow. “What do you plan to do with your life?”

“After I travel Europe I’m coming back to the USA. When I return I will be entering the family business.” Spike smiled at Willow. God he was a poof, but he loved her. “What is this family business?” Spike smiled at him. “I plan to work for my uncle.” Ira Rosenburg was getting irritated. “What is the name of this company?” Spike smiled, now he had the perfect chance to put him in his place. “Microsoft. My uncle is Bill Gates.” Willow smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. Her dad was gaping at Spike.

Spike leaned down and kissed Willow softly. Willow sighed and leaned on his arm. Bailey was seething. This William was obviously crazy about Willow, why she couldn’t tell. “Why?” She demanded. Willow’s face fell. How was Spike going to get out of this one? “Why what?” Spike responded. “Why Willow? I mean everyone knows that she’s not pretty or anything. And she’s boring as hell, so why her?” Spike looked at Willow’s face; she looked like someone had hit her. “Because Willow is the nicest person I have ever met. When I first met her I was a jerk. Willow was the brunt of many of my jokes at school. Than, even after I was a perfect ass to her, she helped me. She is the sweetest. Most caring person I have ever met. I have never heard her be mean to anyone. She’s like an angel. She’s my angel.” Willow smiled at Spike. Maybe Spike liked her a little bit after all. Willow’s parent exchanged a look; Willow had obviously found someone who was completely devoted to her. Spike raised Willow’s hand and kissed it.

Willow sighed and she leaned her head so it was resting on his chest. Spike played with her silken locks. Bailey slammed down her glass. “She’s just using you you know. You can get her stuff for her damned computer, why the hell would she care about you? I mean come on! You made fun of her, you made her life miserable.” Willow’s eyes were flashing. “Bailey Rosenburg! I love William. He may have been a jerk at one time, but he’s changed, he cares about me.” Spike looked at Willow in shock. She loved him? Willow suddenly realized that she had just said that she loved Spike, and Spike was right there. Spike titled her head up, her gaze met his. “I love you Willow.” Than he kissed her.

Bailey shoved her chair back and stalked over to yank Willow away from him. Than she slammed herself against him, kissing him hard. Spike shoved her onto the table. Willow went to hit Bailey, but Spike stopped her with another mind-searing kiss. Bailey lay on the floor, covered in pumpkin pie. She had lost. Willow had won, and boy had Willow won. Bailey jumped up and ran up the stairs. Spike pulled back to let Willow breathe. He hugged her tightly. Willow rubbed her head in the hollow of his neck and cried. Spike rubbed her back soothingly.

“William? Perhaps you might like to go sit outside with Willow.” Spike nodded and led Willow outside. He sat on her porch swing, with her in his lap. Willow lay cuddled against him. Spike stroked her hair. Willow wiped her eyes, than she straddled his hips. She pressed her lips against his as hard as she could. Spike rubbed her body with his hands. God how he loved her. Willow pulled back to breathe, “Spike?” Spike tried to keep his body under control, but he knew that Willow could feel what he thought of her. Willow licked the side of his neck, than began to nibble. Spike groaned. “Spike, let’s go back to the dorm.” Willow ground her hips into Spike’s hard erection. Spike growled and kissed her hard.

Willow pulled back and they went off to the dorm room. No sooner had they gotten in than Spike was kissing her all over. He started to pull off his clothes. He kissed and ran his hands along the flesh he revealed. Willow pulled his t-shirt off, she took one of his nipples in her mouth, she ran her tongue over it, than bit hard. Spike howled in pleasure, than there mouths met in a bruising kiss.

Willow started to work on the belt of his jeans, pulling it off. Spike was undoing the clasp on her bra. Soon Willow was standing before him clad only in a pair of silk underwear. Spike ran his tongue down her neck, than he began to gently nuzzle her breasts. Willow closed her eyes in pleasure. Spike’s mouth began to move south. He kissed her stomache gently, loving the taste of her. So sweet, so heady and delicious. Spike began to move closer to her folds. Willow gasped and her eyes flew open when his tongue touched her clit. “Oh god!” Her knees buckled and she fell forward. Willow fell into Spike’s waiting arms; Spike carried her to her bed. He lay her down on the bed, and began to kiss her inner thigh. Willow groaned, Spike caught her hand, he began to litter kisses across her clit. Thrust her hips upward, into his teasing tongue.

Spike began to thrust one of his fingers in gently; he felt her juices sliding into his mouth. She was better than any blood he had ever tasted. Willow began to thrust faster. Spike slipped in another finger; cor she was so tight and warm. Willow thrust hard into his fingers and tongue. She came crying out his name. Spike crawled up her body and kissed her mouth. Willow could taste herself on his lips. She began to push her body against his. She needed to feel him inside of her. Spike began to move into her, Willow arched her hips up taking him in all of the way. She cried out; he was so much bigger than Oz. Giving her time to adjust Spike began to move slowly. Willow moaned as she felt Spike inside of her. Spike began to growl a low rumble deep in his chest. Willow could feel the vibrations, they felt so good. Willow slid one hand over his ass; she loved to feel him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, driving him deeper. She moved her hands up and down his chest. Spike growled as he came, he spurted his seed deep inside of her.

Willow felt him cum inside of her. She came at the sensation. She felt Spike collapse on top of her. She began to rain kisses down his shoulder. “Witch.” Spike growled. Willow ignored him. “Witch you start something, I’ll finish it.” Willow smiled at him as she went back to the soft kisses. Spike growled and pushed her down onto the bed. He began to move in her, only faster this time. Willow began to meet him thrust for thrust. Spike let his fangs elongate. He dragged them across her breast, licking at the sweet drops of blood that appeared. Willow shuddered at his touch, even though he was cold, she felt like she was on fire.

Spike was on fire. Her body was so tight and warm, so inviting. He could spend forever shagging her. Spike bit into her neck, tasting her sweet blood. The thrill of human blood, the fact that it was Willow, and how good she made him feel, made him lose control. The demon roared as he drank from her. Willow screamed as she came for the second time that night. Than everything went black.

Spike wrenched himself from Willow. She wasn’t breathing, and her heartbeat was fluttering. He leaned down and kissed her lips. They were still warm. “Oh god, Willow wake up. Wake up!” Spike began to listen frantically for her breathing, she wasn’t breathing. If he didn’t do something and quick, she would die. Spike leaned down next to Willow. “I’m so sorry Willow.” Than he ripped into his wrist and fed her his blood. He stroked her throat so she would swallow the liquid, than picked her up and took her to his car. He sped off towards LA.

Bethany was leaning back in her favorite chair reading the newest Anne Rice novel. She was so happy she had an evening off to relax. LA had been really quiet lately; there was almost no one at the demon safe house. Only a few vampires who had been caught by the sun with no where to go. They would be leaving soon. She was so happy that there was no one around to bother her. Than the door flew open.

“Spike!” Bethany jumped up. “What?” She ran to his side, she could see the blood dripping form the girl’s mouth. “Bring her upstairs.” Bethany ran up the stairs to a room. Spike laid Willow on the bed. “What happened to her?” Bethany asked. “I…I turned her. I need you to do the soul spell.” Bethany glared at him. “You know damn well that spell can only be done shortly after they are turned.” At Spike’s desperation Bethany felt herself decide to help him. “Phone Angel. Tell him to get here, and now!” Spike nodded and took off. Bethany shook her head. “Speak of the devil.” She set to work doing a very powerful spell.

Spike was pacing downstairs. The bloody poof had to go and phone the bloody slayer. She was coming up to LA. Angel stalked into the building. He went up to Spike. “Where is she?” Angel slammed Spike into the wall. “What the hell were you thinking?” Buffy walked in. “Angel put him down, I want to kick the crap out of him as well.” Angel saw Spike sit down with his head leaning back against the wall. “I didn’t bloody well mean to.” Buffy grabbed him and hauled him to his feet. “I don’t care. You die.” Angel grabbed Buffy’s arm than and pulled her behind him. “Angel let me go.” She yelped.

“Slayer if you attempt to hurt any one on these premises I will kill you without even blinking.” Bethany came down the stairs. “Angel.” She nodded to Angel. Angel released Buffy’s arm. Buffy growled and stalked near Spike. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill Spike?” Buffy demanded. “You’ll kill Willow.” Buffy stopped. “Willow’s already dead. He turned her.” She started to cry, Angel hugged her. Bethany glared at Spike. “Spike when you changed her, you were thinking of her, and your love for her came through. She has been sired from the start a childe.” Buffy looked at Bethany in confusion. “What does that mean?” Bethany smiled, apparently the slayer had a softer side after all. “It means that she will be stronger, faster, and so on than most fledglings. Which in itself would not normally affect the outcome. But as Spike had me do a spell that allows the original soul to stay in the body, it does. You see a childe; a true childe takes much longer to waken than any other vampire. Because of this, Willow was so weak that even after several hours, her body was in the condition when her soul was still alive. That made it possible for me to secure her soul.”

Spike sighed in relief and slumped against the wall. “The soul is there?” Bethany nodded her head. “Willow retains her soul.” Buffy sagged into the empty chair. “Will she be ok?” Bethany chewed on her lip. “Willow retains the soul. But I don’t know if you knew this or not, but there was always a darkness to her. The demon will bring that out in full force. She will look like, and sound like Willow, and she still will be Willow, but she’ll be changed.” Angel looked at Bethany. “Won’t the demon fight the soul?” Bethany shook her head. “Because the demon has never had a taste of freedom form the soul, it will not fight it.” Buffy stopped crying and wiped her eyes. “When can we see her?” Bethany looked at Spike. “Spike can go see her now. The rest of you can see her in a few minutes.”

Buffy leapt to her feet. “Why does Spike get to see her first?” Bethany placed a gentle hand on her arm. “Spike is her Sire and her Mate. It will be easiest for her if she see him first.” Bethany guided Buffy back to sit down. “Buffy, I know that she is your best friend. But please, I’m asking you to see her tomorrow. She will be better adjusted to the demon, and it is less likely that the demon will gain control of her when she sees you.” Buffy nodded her head. “Angel can I stay with you tonight?” Angel took her arm and led her to his car. “Bethany you know how to reach me if you need to.” Angel took Buffy to stay at the hotel.

Bethany went upstairs. Spike was holding Willow close to him .She was sobbing quietly. Bethany entered and sat down beside Willow. “Willow?” Willow turned to Bethany. “Willow, my name is Bethany. If you need anything just ask okay?” She turned to Spike. “You know how to get a hold of me, if you need me.” Willow began to cry harder when she heard Bethany’s heart beat. She was so hungry. Bethany noticed Willow’s frustration. “Spike, feed her.” Bethany got up and walked out of the room. Spike pulled Willow’s head close to his neck. “Willow, drink.” Willow shook her head. “No.” Spike pushed her until her lips brushed against his neck. “Drink baby.” Willow bit and began to suckle. Spike felt himself harden as he felt his childe, his mate, and his eternal lover drink for him. Willow pulled back. She offered her neck to Spike. Spike bent his head and took only a little, just enough to make her his mate, but not too much.

Bethany smiled. She knew that Willow was in good hands now. Spike was an ass, but he really did love Willow. She began to read her book again, unmindful of the tears slipping down her face. The words blurred before her, and a tear fell on to the page. Bethany closed the book and sat staring out at the rising sun.

Willow began to kiss up and down Spike’s neck. Spike growled. “Willow.” Willow kept kissing him. “Willow.” Spike grabbed her head and pulled it away from him. “Willow.” He repeated. “Right now, I want to throw you down onto this bed, and see how much fun I can have with your demon. But.” He covered her about to protest mouth. “You have to rest right now.” Willow nodded and lay down in Spike’s arms. “Spike?” Spike nuzzled her neck. “Yes Willow?”

“You’re gonna love me forever right?”

“Forever Willow.” Spike held his mate close. He was never going to let her go. Willow fell asleep in the arms of her mate and lover. She knew know that she would always have him. “Spike?” Spike purred in comfort of having her with him. “Yes Willow?” Willow smiled. “Can I eat Bailey?” Spike laughed softly. “Sure thing Willow. Tonight.” Willow nodded drowsily. “Tonight.” Tonight, Willow could hardly wait. Tonight she would have everything she had ever dreamed of; Spike (the love of her life) would be with her for forever, and Bailey would be gone. Life, or rather un-life was good.