Title: One Last Kiss 1/1 Second in the Kiss Series
Author: Nutmeg
Disclaimer: Joss is god.
Dedication: To the 50+ people who begged for a sequel to Bittersweet Kiss
Pairing: W/S
Author's Notes: Sequel to Bittersweet Kiss. ANGUST!
Feedback: Why else would I post?

He was kissing Willow. Her body was against his, so warm. God how he loved her. Than she shoved him onto the floor. "Did you really think I would want you Spike?" Spike watched as she shook her head at him in disgust. "Youíre beneath me." Spike watched as she turned on her heel and walked away.

Spike woke up and punched his pillow in frustration. Every bloody night the same dream. The same thing over and over again. He didnít know where the hell he was. He had just tried to stay as drunk as possible since leaving Sunnydale. Sunnydale. God how he wanted to go back there. But that would mean seeing her, Willow. Just the thought of her made him want to cry. She was the whole world to him. Over a century with Druscilla, and he already loved Willow more than he had over loved her.

Willow walked through the forest. She could see Spike up ahead. "Spike?" He turned and smiled at her. She ran to catch up with him. He grabbed her and changed into his demon. "Princess, Iíve got her for you." Druscilla came and bent down to drain Willow. Willow felt herself fall to the ground. With her last breath she could see Spike kiss Druscilla. Spike smiled evilly at her. "It was always Druscilla I loved."

Willow woke up gasping for air. She could feel the silent tears slide down her cheeks. She wanted so much for Spike to come to her. To take her in his arms and tell her it was her he loved. Than have him make love to her all night. Fall asleep in his arms, and know when she woke up that he would still be there, still love her. Willow sighed and flopped back on her pillows. Her phone rang. "Willow its Angel. I want you to come to LA, please?" Willow wiped at her tears with her sleeve. "Sure thing Angel."

Angel paced nervously. He could feel the pain coming through his bond with Spike. "Cordelia are you sure this will work?" Cordelia nodded. "Willowís been crazy about Spike for like forever now. And if what you say about Spike is true, all we have to do is get them together." Angel just hopped his seer was right.

Willow drove to LA. All she could think about was Spike. She loved him more than anything. It was like there was a giant whole in her, that only he could fill. She just kept thinking about that kiss. It had been pure magic. So sweet and pure. All she wanted was Spike to come and take her and tell her he loved her. And never ever let her go.

Spike could feel his grand-sireís presence. He groaned. He didnít want to face Angel, not now. Angel came in and saw a very drunken Spike. "Spike." Spike moaned as he felt sick as hell. He was sobering up. "What do you want Angel?" Angel took in Spikeís appearance. He knew that his grande-childe was in pain, but to see him so desperate. Spike flipped the blankets over his head. He looked like a little kid who didnít want to go to school. Angel pulled the blankets off of him. "No wonder Willow doesnít want you anymore, youíre so weak and pathetic." Spike jumped up growling. "I am not weak and patheticÖwhat about Willow?" Spike started pacing. "She used to want me, but she doesnít anymore?" His voice was a soft whisper at the end. Angel looked at him. He clearly loved Willow. "Willow is coming to LA, come with me, maybe youíll have a chance." Spike jumped up. "Letís go." Angel smirked. "Theyíre called clothes Spike. Wear them."

Willow walked in, and was given a huge hug by Cordelia. "Thank god! Finally a female to talk to." Willow dropped her bag and hugged the ex-cheerleader. Westly came downstairs. "Willow. Itís lovely to see you again." Willow smiled fondly at the watcher. "Itís great to see you Westly. How are you?" Westly smiled at the red headed hacker. She always was the sweetest of the bunch. "Iím doing quite wonderful. How are you?" Willowís eyes saddened. "Iíve been better. Now, where is this Gunn everyone keeps telling me about?"

"Right here." Gunn looked Willow up and down. "Damn if I knew you were so pretty, I wouldíve come here earlier." Willow blushed and looked down. "Thanks, whereís Angel?" Angel walked in the front doors. "Hello Willow, Iím so glad youíre here." He wrapped her in a big hug. Westly, Cordelia, and Gunn all stared in shock. "Angel, you hugged her." Angel stepped back. "Yes Delia?" Cordelia just shook her head. "Gunn, pay up baby doll." Gunn groaned and reached into his pockets. "Here princess." He handed her a stack of cash. Angel watched in amusement. "What was the bet this time?" Cordelia grinned. "That you would hug Willow when she came." Willow walked up and kissed Gunn on the cheek. Cordelia handed Gunn the cash back. Angel smiled. "Gunn, you said Willow would kiss you?" Gunn shrugged. "What can I say? The ladies love me." Angel looked at Willow. "Willow, thereís someone outside to see you." Willow went outside.

Spike was leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette. Willow stopped dead in her tracks. How could he be here? Spike turned to look at her. God she was beautiful. An angel. He stomped his cigarette out. "Willow?" Willow sniffled back the tears. "I hate you Spike." Spike stepped back at the anger in her voice. "You make me fall in love with you. You make me feel things I thought I would never feel again. Than you give me the greatest kiss of my life." Willow stopped to shake the tears away. "Than you leave. I hear nothing from you for months. Than you show up here." Willow shook her head. I donít want to ever and I mean ever see you again." Spike looked at the pain on her face. "Willow, I love you."

"Love? Thatís a sick joke Spike. A sick sick joke." Willow went to walk away. Spike grabbed her and spun her so he was facing her. "I love you Willow. If you want to hate me fine. But Iím not leaving without one last kiss." Spike kissed her. He plundered her mouth with his tongue, knowing that this one kiss would be the last kiss. The only kiss to carry him through eternity. Willow locked her arms around his neck. She kissed him for all she was worth. Than she had to breath, or she would pass out. She pulled her back. "Never Spike. Never again." Willow walked inside, leaving Spike outside with his one last kiss.