Title: Sensing You
Author: Angelina
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to me, they are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, I neither want nor expect any profit or recognition for this story. It’s just harmless fun!!
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Summary: Buffy uses her Slayer powers to her advantage one night in the dark (No spoliers, set in Season 4)

Buffy crept into the darkened room. Being the slayer meant that she didn’t have to rely on Vitamin A to make her see in the dark. Her heightened senses ensured that she was as silent as the graveyards she visited so often. She made her way to the dresser and began to take her clothes off. Patrol had been relatively uneventful so she was in before midnight for once. After slipping into an oversized T-shirt she headed towards her bed. She stopped just short of her destination.

Standing in the darkness, Buffy indulged herself in one of her favourite activities. She closed her eyes and listened. Soft breath sounds filled her ears. The breathing was slow and rhythmic. Every so often a gentle snore would punctuate the otherwise quiet sound. Buffy smiled as she remembered times in the past when a muttered word or two had come from those perfect lips, she especially liked the occasions when her own name escaped from the mouth of her slumbering partner.

Keeping her eyes closed Buffy switched her concentration to another matter. She kneeled down gently by the bed and inhaled deeply. The most expensive perfume in the world couldn’t hold a candle to the fragrance that was invading Buffy’s head at that moment. A mixture of soap and shampoo and a certain something that was totally unique. A scent Buffy had never experienced before but which was now indelibly etched on her heart as belonging to the person she loved beyond all comprehension.

Taking a final deep breath, Buffy slowly held a hand out and touched the face in front of her. A jolt of energy shot through her fingers at the first contact. The skin was soft and warm. Buffy moved her fingers over the folds of the ear, taking time to gently rub the lobe between her thumb and forefinger. She ran a hand through silky smooth hair and back onto the velvet cheek. Almost timidly, Buffy’s amazingly tender fingers probed paper-thin eyelids, moved down a straight nose and came to rest on full, sensuous lips. She traced their outline softly.

Then she leaned in and tasted them. Eyes still closed, she allowed the sensations in her lips to spread through her body, warming and relaxing her normally tense muscles. Suddenly another flavour came into play; mint…toothpaste, she was being kissed back. A hand came up behind her head and deepened the kiss. This went on for a few perfect moments.

When their lips finally, reluctantly, parted, Buffy allowed her eyes to open. They absorbed auburn hair, deep green eyes, moistened lips and continued slowly downward taking in every curve that the blankets hinted at. When her eyes moved back up twinkling green ones met them.

“What a way to get woken up.”

“Yeah, well, you just looked all cute and irresistible lying there,” said Buffy climbing under the covers.

“Snoopy pyjamas will do that for a person.”

“I didn’t even notice them, I guess all my senses were focused on you.”

“Awww, you say the sweetest things Buff, I love you.”

“I love you, Will”