TITLE: Locker Room
AUTHOR: Femvamp
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Locker Room

Xander was running late. Gym class was over and he still hadn't showered. The gym teacher had asked him to stay after. Even the gym teacher thought he was a moron. Xander quickly took off his gym stuff and got ready to shower when he heard a bunch of jocks talking.

"Oh come on, Jake. " One guy said.

"No really. I swear I heard it from a reliable source." A second guy said

"Probably Cordelia. You know she hates Willow. " A third pointed out.

Xander recognized the three guys. They were the three most popular guys in school. Of course they were jocks. Xander hated jocks. They could be stupid as hell and yet they were fawned over by most teachers.

The first jock who's name was Paul White spoke, "They hatred of each other is legendary."

"It wasn't Cordelia." The second guy named Jake Johnson answered.

"Then who?" The third guy, Mike Sticks asked.

"I can't tell you, but I can tell you that it's true. Willow is a dyke."

Xander felt his heart clench. These guys were talking trash about his best friend. Xander was tempted to go over to them and make them take it back. Then he thought better of it. These guys would wipe the floor with him. He'd tell Buffy, and let HER beat the crap out of them.

"And that's not even the best part." Jake paused for a minute, "You know the blonde chick, Cordy calls a psycho?"

"Yeah, her name is Buffy or something." Paul answered.

"Yeah her. She's and Willow are all hot and heavy."

Well there goes telling Buffy, Xander thought. She'd kill these guys. Xander didn't want that on his conscious. Xander waited until the jocks had left and then quickly got dress. He'd have to skip the shower today. He was already way late for his next class.

As he walked to class he thought about the conversation. It was just too weird. How could anyone think Willow and Buffy were lovers? Yeah they were close. They were very close. Best friends even, but lovers? Nah. No way.

Xander continued to walk to class. There is no way they are lovers. Right?