Author: Jazz
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Spoiler: Season Three. But Angel never got his soul back, nor did he have a nice vacation in a warmer eternity. Also there is no Oz.
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Willow sat at their usual table at The Bronze. Buffy was a bitch. She hated Buffy. She thought back to earlier that night.

"Look Willow, I'm not saying that I don't want to be friends with you anymore. It's just. I know you love Xander and after what you did to Cordelia. I'd rather not have you around. I want my boyfriend to be out of your reach." Willow shook her head. "Buffy, I didn't mean too with Xander it was a clothes fluke. I swear. I'd never try and come between you two."

"It's no use Will, I saw the way you looked at Angel when we were together and you may not realise it but you're selfish. You always want what belongs to someone else. And I can't risk my relationship with Xander. So maybe I'll see you around. Kay?" And with that the slayer left her former friend disorientated and bewildered. She sat there for a few hours mindlessly running over the night in her mind.

True she had kissed Xander while he was involved with Cordelia but it hadn't meant anything to her. It had actually proven to her that she and Xander were totally wrong for each other. But Buffy had accused her of being selfish. < I'm not selfish am I. No, I'm not please god I'm not selfish. Maybe I am but I didn't realise. Buffy wouldn't just say that would she? >

The more she thought about it the more she realised she was right. She wasn't selfish nor did she have any intention of stealing Xander from Buffy. So preoccupied with her own thoughts she never noticed the arrival of Angelus.

It had been a long time since the vampire had been to the local teen hang out. The last time had been with the slayer and her little groupies. He scanned the crowded room for his evening meal when his eyes settled on a certain red headed hacker, sitting all on her lonesome by the bar. He smiled. This was going to be fun.

Angel sidled over to the table and sat down. "Rough day Willow?" Her head snapped up at Angelus' words. "No. Well, yea I suppose you could say so." She tried to smile, but it came out as a pathetic smirk. Angelus' was shocked. She wasn't scared of him. She got up. "I'm going to get a drink, you want?" He was reeling. Not only wasn't she scared she was going to buy him a drink. He smiled. "I'll get the drinks. You stay here." He got up and went to the bar. He came back with a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses. Willow jumped. "Angel, I don't drink. I'm only seventeen. I'm underage. I'll get arrested and then...." She babbled on and Angelus laughed. "Relax Willow, I'd have thought you'd have been more scared of becoming a late night snack rather than being arrested." His words hit home. "Ohmigod, You're a vampire." Laughter once again filled the room. "That I am Willow. Had you forgotten?" He studied her face. "No, you didn't forget. You thought I was Soul Boy. You even called me Angel." He shook his head. "That was silly, I'm not Angel anymore Willow. But I'm not all bad either. I've done some good things too you know." Willow got up to leave, but he reached out and held her back. "Don't go Red, stay. Call a truce for tonight, just me and you. I promise no biting. Unless you ask." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

< A night with Angelus'? Should I trust him? Does it matter. I've got no one else. No one cares. It might even be fun. > She knew inside that she shouldn't trust him. After all he'd killed her goldfish. But there was something inside him that made her trust him. The look in his eyes when he'd asked her to stay had been sincere, human almost. Like Angels. A voice in her mind was shouting out that this was the souled version of the vamp. But she knew not to fall into that trap. She gave in and threw him a jaunty look. "You've got yourself a deal Fang." "Fang, It's new. I like it. Okay Red, What's our first toast?" He poured the vodka and Willow stared into his eyes. "The slayer." He started to protest but she got in first. "May she rot in hell for all eternity." She threw back her head and downed the vodka in one quick gulp. "Well Fang, Hurry up. It's your toast." Angelus downed the liquid and raised his next glass. "To Red and Fang. The best in the world." They linked arms and swallowed. It was going to be a long night.

Five hours later.....

"Faaaaannngggg??? Where are yoooouuuu?" A very drunk Willow stumbled around the cemetery. "I can seeeee yooouuuuu. Reeeeedddddd. Can you see me?" She shook her head. "Where's my puppy. I had him a minute ago. Puppy? Puppy where are you?" An equally intoxicated Angelus jumped down from his perch in at tree. He got down on his knees and crawled around the cemetery calling to the puppy he had stolen from a store down town for Willow earlier that night. He stuck his nose up in the air and sniffed. "That away." He pointed towards a mausoleum where Buffy and Willow had often sat during patrol. She sat down in the middle of the cemetery and began to cry. "Everyone hates me. My friends hate me and now even my Puppy hates me." Angelus' wrapped his arms around her. "I don't hate you Willow. Really I don't hate you. I don't like you but I don't wanna kill you or anythin'." She looked at him, both the picture of sincerity. He stood up and brushed off his leather pants and helped her up. "Now let's find the Puppy and go home it's cold." Willow nodded rubbing her shivering arms. "I'm cold." He went to take his jacket off and was shocked to find it gone. "Oh no, my jackets gone. I liked it. It was my only one. Gave the stupid slayer my other one." He snarled and growled for a moment before taking off the red shirt he'd been wearing and holding it out to her. "Here you go Red, it's red." He smiled proudly at the observation and folded his arms over his bare chest. They held hands as they walked into the mausloeum. Inside they found her the puppy sniffing around at an old grave. Willow picked him up and huddled him in her arms. "Naughty Puppy you shouldn't have--" She cut herself off. "Fang, shouldn't we name our puppy?" He thought about it for a long time. "What about Angelus jnr?" She shook her head. "To nasty, it's a sweet little puppy. What about, Angel. Angel was sweet and kind." She screwed up her face. "But he ignored me, he'd always ignore me and he brooded way too much. It's not normal. People shouldn't brood that much." Angelus mused over it for a mo'." "Willow?"


"I'm not human."

"Huh?" "

You said it wasn't normal for a person to brood that much. I'm not a person. I'm a very mean growly vampire and I can lick you any day."

"Ohhh." They both stood there for a moment when Angelus spoke.

"Hey Red? Wanna have a sleep over at my house. Spike'n Dru'll be there too. We can have ice-cream and play truth or dare and watch movies. They won't hate you red. They're softies." He nodded as if to make a statement. She thought it over. "Oaky doaky fang. But it has to be peppermint choc chip ice- cream and our Puppy has to be invited too." Angel went down on one knee and looked the puppy straight in the eye. "Puppy, Would you do me the honour of coming to my humble home to a sleep over party?" In all earnesty and in her best puppy voice, Willow answered. "Yes Mr Fang-Sir. I will come to your party. So Willow and Puppy climbed onto Angelus' back and he proceeded to piggy back Willow and Puppy back to the mansion.

At the mansion......

Spike paced by the fire. He was bored. Dru was playing in the garden muttering something about the bending trees. He never paid attention to her when she was like this. It was enough to drive him batty. Angelus had disappeared at sunset and had been gone all night. He heard a commotion at the door and went to see who could possibly be stupid enough to disturb him. He pulled the door open to find his sire arguing with one of the slayers little chits. "No way Fang, Burt Bacharach was way better than Mozart. Mozart's old and and… He's old." Angelus' shook his head with moral indignation. "Ugh, Red you have no taste. I mean you proved that by being friends with slutty the vampire slayer. But this takes the cake. Burt Bacharach sucked." Spike laughed at the irony of it all. "You're both bloody drunken sods. Billy Idol is and always will be the best. He puffed languidly on a cigarette. Angelus' pushed past him and turned around. He held out his hand, "Red my dear would you like to come in." She mock curtsied and then frowned she shook her head and indicated to the small dog in her arms. "Puppy is also most very welcome." Spike laughed. "You'll regret this tomorrow peaches." He walked up the stairs. Dru's voice was lilting. "Has my daddy bought the bent tree to see me?" She walked up to Willow and danced around her. "Yes, you are her. You're my little brothers mommy." She proceeded to laugh and dance. She got down on her knees and pressed her ear against Willow's stomach. "He's not in there yet." She herded Willow and Angel upstairs much to Spike's amusement and ushered them into a room at the end of the hall. "Go, go make my little brother."

Inside Willow and Angelus looked at each other uncomfortably. Angelus broke the tension by kissing her. He ran his hands up her back. "We'd had better do what she says." Willow nodded and groaned into his mouth. He slipped his shirt off her shoulders and she lifted her arms and her sweater followed. His hand found their way to the back of her bra and he freed her breasts. He ran a finger over her coral nipple and she fumbled with the buckle on his pants..........

Next door Spike was woken up by the sounds of his sire and the slayers little friend screaming in release.

The next morning Spike barged into his sire's room and set on the end of the bed. Willow and Angelus were tangled up in the white cotton sheets. Spike cleared his throat loudly and Angelus lifted his head. "What do you want?" He snarled, angry at being woken so early, angry at the throbbing pain at the base of his neck that was slowly spreading. Spike laughed. "Well Peaches, I thought I'd remind Red that she's got school in an hour." Angelus looked at the form of the tiny red head wrapped in his Navy Blue blanket, Her hair fanned out over the white pillows. "Oh Jesus, Spike what have I done?" Willow softly mewled in her sleep bringing back memories of the night before. He laughed. Spike was confused. "Spike my boy, go and get Dru." Spike stood and went to get the insane vampire. Angelus placed his hand on the curve of Willow's cheek. He bent down and whispered in her ear. "Red, are you awake?" Her eyelids fluttered and she groaned. "Ugh, I have a massive head ache." She pulled herself up and opened her eyes. "Angel, why am I in your bed and er.. Why am I naked and more importantly why are you naked?" She twisted her lips in embarrassment as she remembered their activities from the night before. "Ohh Goddess, this is not good, this is so very not good, Buffy! Buffy is going to kill me--" Angelus placed a finger against her lips then trailed it down to cup her chin. "Now Red, You called me Angel again. Did you forget? And the slayers not going to touch you. In fact if anyone is going to kill anyone, I'm going to kill her. Capeche?" She giggled. "Since when do two hundred something vampires say capeche?" He smiled and bent down to kiss her. She smiled and kissed him back.

Spike groaned as he walked into the poof's room and saw him passionately kissing the red head. "Hey peaches, get a room or something will you." Angelus laughed. "This is my room boy." Dru laughed wildly and ran up to Willow, She peeled back the blanket and pushed her head up against Willow's stomach. "E's in there, The stars they told me he would be. My little brother. He's special." Willow laughed nervously. "Angelus…" she indicated to the vampire who was whispering to Willow's stomach and placing feather light kisses on her navel. She began to coo and Willow screamed. Angelus pulled Dru away and Spike moved into to comfort Willow. "Dru, what are you talking about?" She smiled wickedly. "The stars and the moon have been whispering in my ear, telling me delicious stories. They said that you and the tree that bends in the wind will come together to hurt the slayer and I'd have a new little brother." She smiled and looked at Willow. "Don't be afraid of me, I won't hurt you. We'll be friends and we'll dance and play and soon we'll have a little baby. Spike will you take me shopping tonight?" Spike nodded. "Sure thing sweets." "Dru." Angelus' patience was wearing thin. "You do know that can't be true. Vampire's can't have little babies." She smiled wickedly. "Yes they can." He sighed. Willow shook her head. "I can't do it, babies are so not on my agenda for another ten years. I'm seventeen. I have to do my SAT's and go to college and get married. I have to be married before I have little babies…" Spike laughed. "You are all so stupid, If the stars told Dru you're going to have a little brat then Red, congratulations. Angelus you old dog. You're going to be a daddy. I always wanted a little brother." Willow shook her head. "I can't it's not right. I can't and vampires can't have kids can they?" Angelus shook his head. "No not usually, I mean once or twice it's happened but it's really unlikely." She nodded. "Do you think I am. I mean I could be cos' you and me we.. Well you know what we did." She was blushing furiously. Spike let out a hearty laugh. Willow growled. Angelus let out a shocked laugh, and Dru began to sing to the wall. "Yeah, It is possible. I think you might be, Dru's almost always right about this kind off thing." She nodded. They all sat there when Willow spoke up. "Where's the Puppy?" They all looked at her. Angelus recalled the puppy they'd taken from a store last night. "Ohh yeah the mutt's downstairs a few minions went to get him some breakfast, you know big softies us vampires. Always a sucker for a cute puppy." Willow nodded. "So what your saying is I'm going to have a baby." Spike sighed. "Yeah pet, we got that part. Say shouldn't you be getting up. The boys downstairs are making you breakfast and you've got to go to school." Willow buried her head in her hands. "Oh god, Buffy and Giles and Xander. How am I going to explain this to them. I mean your Buffy's boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend but you killed Miss Calendar and that's a bad bad thing and they hate you. I mean really hate you. They'll never forgive me ever." She began to sob and Angelus pulled her into his lap. "Shhhh, Willow. It'll be all right. You've forgotten that Buffy didn't want to ever see you again. She shouldn't have any say over our life together." He rocked her in his arms. She looked up at him. Tears shining in her eyes. "You want to build a life with me?" He nodded and she wrapped her arms around him as tightly as she could. "I love you Willow, more than anything. And I want to build a life with you and our son, but I'm not going to change for you. I am still a killer by trade and by nature and I will kill the slayer, but I love you." She was amazed and comforted by his honesty. "I love you too Fang." She huddled into his arms and he kissed her hair. Spike pretended to gag. "Really, this all so touching. But I don't want any of the little witches pals in here trying to find her. So I say Red, you go to school. While Peaches and I think of a plan too get back at slutty, okay?" They both nodded and Willow got up to get ready pulling the sheet that had been covering her body with her leaving an extremely naked Angelus on the bed. She stifled a giggle and went off in search of a shower.

Later on downstairs, Willow was showered and was sitting with Angelus on the breakfast bar, nibbling on some banana's he had found in the deeper recesses of his refrigerator. "I should get going. School and all." He nodded. "Come back here tonight." It was an order not a request, she nodded in reply. "I want to go home though, get some clothes and stuff." She looked at what she was wearing. A pair of spikes leather pants that fit rather well to her embarrassment, a gray sweater that had belonged to Angel, It was a bit baggy but she'd decided it looked good and Spike's doc martens, Somehow, she'd lost her shoes at the cemetery. He nodded compliantly and took a bite of her banana, "Only if you promise to come back. Dru's desperate for you to go shopping with her tonight." She smiled at the vampiress who was at that moment telling her daisies about her new brother. "All right I'd had better go now." She pecked him on the cheek before hopping off of the bench. She called goodbye to Spike and Drusilla and left.

At school......

Willow arrived at school at the beginning of homeroom, after apologizing to the teacher she found a seat near the back of the room to try and avoid the stares of her class. When the bell rang she was confronted by Cordelia. "Well Willow, Looking good. Didn't think you had it in you. Leather, It's a whole new you." Willow nodded and attempted to find something to fill the awkward silence. "Yeah, new." Cordelia laughed. "So I saw you last night, with a mighty fine looking piece of choclatey goodness that until recently tended to favour our brave little slayer." Willow gasped. "You saw us. Please don't tell them. They're already so mad at me." Cordelia frowned. "Why are they mad at you?" So Willow proceeded to tell the whole story. "Wow, so you're pregnant. That's really gonna piss off Buffy." Willow nodded. "But you know, That doesn't really bother me. She's been treating me like nothing for so long and now she's got Xander she wants me out of the picture completely. But it's like everything's falling into place, I've got Angelus and he really cares about me and so do Spike and Dru and once you get past the whole vamp thing they're really nice and cool, I mean tonight Spike and Dru are taking me shopping. Me little Willow shopping with two big bad vamps. I mean sure Angelus will be there but remember evil killers and now they're my family and I'm happy." She took a deep breath exhausted from her mouthful and Cordelia nodded. "You've got it made Willow. Listen since you're persona non grata with the library gang. How about sitting with me and my sheep at lunch. They're not the most intelligent people on earth but you know they're entertaining at most." Willow laughed at the may queen and stood. "I'd love to Delia, But History is calling so I'll see you at lunch break okay?" "Sure Will," And with that the may queen headed one way down the hall with the formerly shy hacker headed the other way. Both were the picture of confidence and control.

That Afternoon.....

After school Cordelia had gone with Willow to her house to pick up some clothes and supplies. Inside Cordelia went through Willow's clothes. "God Will, the cute and fluffy look is over. You desperately need a style change." She held up a fluffy pink sweater with daisies on it and shook her head. Willow agreed from the bathroom. "I know Delia, I was going to pick up a few things tonight, you know mass murderer shopping spree's on tonight." Cordelia laughed. "Yeah I know, God I'd pay to see Spike shopping." She laughed an image of Spike toting around shopping bags dancing through her mind. "Well why don't you? Come shopping with us I mean. Angelus' won't mind and it'd be nice to have a female for opinions well a sane female anyway. Dru can be scary sometimes." Cordelia was surprised. "Are you sure Will, up until this morning you and I were worst enemies. Granted that was mainly my fault but.." Willow shushed her. "Delia, Shut up. I want you to come because like it or not, You are my only human friend left. I want you to be there. I want you to be a part of my life with Angelus, so please, Come with me?" Delia resisted not sure whether or not she should say yes. "Angelus has a limitless Visa card." "Willow, You've got yourself a deal." Both girls laughed before picking up Willow's things and heading toward the mansion on Crawford Street.

At the mansion......

Willow knocked hesitantly on the solid door of the mansion. It was sunset and the sky was tinged purple and orange. She sighed and pushed the door open a bit peeking inside, She slipped in followed by Cordelia. Drusilla was waltzing down the stairs humming to herself. She paused when she saw Delia. "Who are you?" She circled her the way an animal would stalk it's prey. Delia began to shake a little not so anyone would notice but a little. Spike came out from the kitchen. "I can smell the fear in this room a mile away. Who's your friend witch?" He nodded towards Delia. She smiled back pathetically. "Dru, Spike. This is Delia. She's a friend of mine from school. I invited her to come with us tonight. Is that all right?" Spike nodded. "Fine by me." Drusilla smiled. "We shall shop, We'll buy presents and toys for my brother. You will come. The walls tell me a story. You want to hurt the slayer, you want to help the tree that bends in the wind. My brother will help us hurt her. He is the wings of the world." She took Delia's hand. "Come and meet my Angelus. He won't bite you. Not now that your on our side." She led Delia into the courtyard where Angelus was seated on the edge of a fountain. He had a small hard backed book in his hand. He looked up when the two women walked in. "Where's Willow?" "Nice to see you too Angelus. She's inside talking to Spike." Cordelia was shocked at how comfortable she felt around the vampires who had tried to kill her on numerous occasions. "Sorry Cordelia. How are you? It's nice to see you. If you don't move and let me inside I'm going to kill you right here and now." Willow and Spike appeared behind her. "Angelus, I forbid you to eat my only human friend." He looked at her and then laughed out loud. Cordelia grabbed Willow's hand. "Okay that just really freaked me out. I mean I know this Angelus not Angel but laughing is something Angel never did. This is scary." Spike smirked. "Yes, well sweets I say we head over to the Sunnydale mall and start our shopping trip." Drusilla clapped madly. "Shall we? Yes let's go. Come on." She took Spike's hand and began to tell him of the wonderful story that the jasmine had told her. Delia followed them and Angelus and Willow walked out behind them arm in arm. Willow smiled to herself. This was going to work out.

At the mall.....

When they arrived at the mall Cordelia briefed them all on they game plan. "Okay, shopping is all about strategy and game plan. I propose that first we go to the clothing stores and get Willow out of those third grader outfits, then onto shoes and." Looking at Angelus. "Lingerie. Then we grab coffee for a quick energy boost. Then accessories, Then we have to start baby-wise. We've got nine months to get that mansion baby friendly and there's no time like the present." She took a breath and smiled, Proud of organizing them. Willow, Spike and Angelus exchanged glances and Drusilla sat there paying special attention to her new friend, hanging on her every word. "Well then ladies shall we get started." Angelus pulled Willow up off his lap and he began to walk when Cordelia stopped him. "We're going this way." She stalked off towards the women's clothing store. Willow tried on everything and left the first store with bags of clothing. Cordelia had gone totally gone overboard and Spike and Angelus had brought her everything that caught her eye. She was a part of their twisted little group now and to hell if she was going to ever want something again. They left the store Willow and Angelus wrapped in each others arms struggling with a few bags followed by Cordelia, Spike and Drusilla overloaded with bags. They left their purchases at the information desk and moved into Victoria's secret. This time Angelus and Spike were ordered to wait outside while the girls went about their personal shopping. Half an hour later laden with pink bags they walked out of the store. They deposited their next set of bags with the others and moved into Chez Jules, the small coffee shop in the mall. They sat there talking and laughing like old friends sipping their coffee when a short blonde and her whipped puppy boyfriend walked in. The air was thick with tension when Buffy caught sight of her former friend with her three biggest adversaries. "Willow, what the hell do you think you're doing? Oh god they changed you. I'm sorry Will. I really don't want to have to stake you. She reached into her bag and pulled out a stake. Willow just laughed. "Gosh Buff, You're so pathetic. Angelus didn't change me. I'm still quite human, pregnant granted but very much human." They watched the looks that crossed Buffy's face. Shock, confusion, hurt and finally anger. "You little slut. Don't you know that he doesn't want you. You are just a toy, a pawn in their game against me. You don't matter to them. You don't matter to anyone. Do you think they care about you? That they love you? You're just a bit of entertainment 'til the next meal--" Spike cut her off. "Geez Buff, Delusional much? We're a family now slayer. Me, Dru, Angelus, Red and Delia." She stood frozen. "Don't you get it slayer. This isn't about you. It'll never be about you. This all about my family. So leave." She glared at him. "This isn't over Lover." She emphasised the last word and left, Xander following her like the whipping boy he was. They all sat there not knowing what to say until Cordelia spoke. "You guys think I'm part of your family?" Willow nodded, not trusting herself to speak yet. Angelus and Spike looked at each other before both diving and hugging the may queen. "Delia pet, You are stuck in between two of the worlds most feared vamps and neither of them is responding to the urge to drain you right here and now. I'd say your stuck with us." She wiped the rapidly forming tears from her eyes.

They spent the rest of the night shopping for clothes and decided to come back later and get baby stuff. Like Cordy said. "You've got nine months what's your hurry." The two teenagers crashed at the mansion that night. Willow in Angelus' bed. Cordelia slept in Spike's bed and he shacked up with Drusilla.

The next morning Willow woke up with a start. She sat upright and clutched her knees, her heavy breathing rousing Angelus' from his sleep. She began to shake, tears running down her face. She trembled in Angelus' arms and he could feel the rage inside of himself. She tried to speak but words weren't forthcoming. "Bu-bu-buffy and Xan-der." She gulped and burrowed into his embrace. His face set. "What Will, what about Buffy and Xander?" Tears ran from her cheeks down his hard stomach. "Our baby, They tried to hurt our baby." He tightened his grip around her, furious that the slayer and her moron replacement for his souled counterpart could even contemplate hurting their unborn child. He resolved that, the night coming would be the last Buffy and Xander ever saw.

That night Buffy walked into the bronze confidant that she would see Willow and her new friends there. She had dressed for the occasion in the hopes of letting the redheaded witch know what she was up against. She was wearing a tight red dress that showed more than a little cleavage and finished just above mid thigh, with tall red leather boots. She walked into the room acting confidant and cocksure.

Xander walked through the park grasping his stake and crucifix, He was running late and knew there'd be hell to pay when he arrived at The Bronze, but he didn't care. Buffy was his. He'd finally won. She was dating him and not the dead guy. Xander Harris had a girlfriend. Angelus smiled watching the boy clumsily make his way through the park, this was going to be easy. As Xander walked past the tree Angelus was hiding behind he reached out and grasped him by the neck. "Hey Xander, How are you? Haven't seen you in a while. Of course Willow and I have been rather busy lately, if you know what I mean. Well yes, I hear you and Buffy are dating now. Good for you." Angelus' trademark sadistic smirk surfaced when he saw Xander's face turn blue. "Well yes I'll make this quick you don't have much time left. And I have more important things to do, like well we're almost out of milk over at the mansion, so I'll have to pick some up. There're some fledglings who need to be put straight about who they're allowed to feed from and oh yeah there's that pesky slayer that needs killing. I'll tell her you said hi. Or maybe goodbye would be more appropriate," and then Angelus proceeded to drink the life blood from Xander's veins. He dropped the limp body on the ground and headed off to The Bronze.

Buffy sat on a stool by the bar smoothing her skirt and waiting for her enemies to arrive. she caught sight of Angelus walking in the doors and he waved at her. She grinned, she always up for a good fight. Angelus approached the table and about two feet away he dropped to the ground and screamed. He opened his eyes and looked up at Buffy. "Buffy, what's going on? Why are we here ? I don't remember. " He shook his head and she knelt down and cradled his head in her lap. "Shh Angel we have to go and get Willow and Cordelia. Spike and Drusilla kidnapped them. Okay come on." Buffy smiled inwardly. This was turning out better than she'd hoped. Angel had his soul back and he was going to help her kill Spike and Drusilla. They headed over to the mansion. Ready to kill the two vampires.

Willow and Delia sat in front of the television. They were thinking of baby names." What about James?" Willow shook her head. "Too formal, what about Robert?" Delia wrinkled her nose. "Too preppy. What about Doyle?" Willow rolled her eyes. "Yeah, Doyle Boyle is going to go down well." Cordelia giggled. "Angelus' last name is Boyle." Willow nodded and reached for a handful of blue corn chips. "What about Patrick? or something Irish?" Cordelia nodded. "What about Michael or Gabriel, one of the Angels?" Willow nodded getting excited. "That's it, Gabriel, and if it's a girl Gabrielle." They both smiled. Willow couldn't wait to tell Angelus.

Outside Buffy was preparing her crossbow ready for the attack. Angel spoke up. "I'll get Willow and Cordelia out, you keep Spike and Dru busy then I'll come back okay?" She nodded and caught his head in a kiss. he smiled at her and they barged into the mansion.

Spike was waiting for the signal from his sire. The plan had been ingenious. Angelus had decided to be soul boy and trick the slayer into coming back to the mansion. Then Spike would jump out and grab her before Angelus ripped out her heart. He thought it rather poetic. He never noticed Drusilla wafting in from the garden as the slayer made her entrance.

Angelus made his way over to Cordelia and Willow and urged them out of the house into the courtyard before giving Spike the signal. Spike jumped down off of the stairs in a predatorily fashion. Buffy turned and aimed her crossbow at him. "Well slayer, it looks like it's just you and me. Do we really need weapons to do this? It's going to be all the more embarrassing when word gets out that you were armed when I killed you." She shook her head. "Wit becomes you Spike you should really try it more often." Spike snorted and smiled when he saw his sire sneaking up behind the slayer. He grinned as Angelus grasped her from behind. She squealed and flailed her arms releasing the arrow from her bow. Three heads turned as Drusilla was caught unawares by the offending arrow. She glanced up from her flower and managed to say Spike before she collapsed into a pile of dust and ash on the floor.

Spike let out a growl of anguish as he watched the love of his unlife die. He turned back to Buffy. "You won't live to regret that slayer." Blood tears were forming in his eyes. She smirked and stopped struggling. "I might die tonight Spike, but at least I took your whore with me." She tilted her head to look Angelus' in the eye. "I wish I could say the same to you. It would have been nice to kill your little slut too. Buffy smiled before Spike twisted her neck with a sickening pop. Angelus watched her tiny body fall to the ground. He shook his head and looked over at the daisy lying atop the pile of ashes. Spike had knelt before it his cheeks stained with blood. he let out another cry and Cordelia and Willow ran back into the house. Willow gasped when she saw the sight and began to cry. Cordelia blinked back her tears, she knelt by Spike wrapping her arms around him. He tried to push her away but she held tight and eventually he stopped resisting and let himself be comforted by the girl who had been so kind to his dark princess and had become so important to himself. Angelus held Willow rocking her in his arms, watching the other two over her head he knew what was coming and reconciled himself to the fact that Dru was gone.

The next night the four of them took Drusilla's ashes to the ridge overlooking Sunnydale. Spike scattered them to the wind. Willow prayed to the goddess that she'd be safe wherever she was and Cordelia hoped that she was happy. Angelus watched saddened at the loss of his child, desperate with worry that his other would recover form the loss.

Eight and a half month's later.....

Willow and Cordelia stood back to admire the paint job of the nursery in their new home. They'd left the mansion a few weeks after Drusilla was killed and found a new place on the edge of town. Spike claimed the memories were to much. In the past months a close friendship had formed between the four of them. Especially Cordelia and Spike. Angelus knew his childe was in love with Delia but refused to admit it. Willow knew that Delia loved Spike but refused to do anything about it while the vampire clung to the memory of his departed love. The baby was due in two weeks and Willow was getting more and more nervous about the birth. The new slayer had been called in Emeline Harris, Xander's younger sister. She never held Willow and the others responsible for Xander's death and unlike the slayers before her she'd achieved a balance with the vampires. The locals had made a deal that they'd feed but wouldn't kill and she only killed those that she saw killing. She got along famously with her watchers Wesley Wyndham-Price and a younger man well half man half demon who went by the name of Doyle. "Hmm I think you missed a spot over there Angelus." Willow pointed to an area in the corner of the room that would be her sons nursery. Angelus inspected it and laughed. "You minx, I did not." he bent down and spotted Willow's nose with lemon paint. She pulled him down into a searing passionate kiss. Spike and Delia groaned. "Get a room. " The four of them laughed exiting the room. Their home was covered in white sheets as the week before Willow had decided the place needed a paint job. The previously apricot walls were now painted an eerie maroon and bottle green. It looked marvelous but Willow was determined their home be ready when her son was born. So she and Delia had moved out back to Willow's parents home while they were away and promised they weren't coming back 'til' the house was ready. Willow picked up her purse and headed towards the door. Angelus followed her making sure she got to her car safely. They waved as they pulled out of the driveway and he smiled. He was sure they'd be back later that evening. He didn't know how wrong he was.

Willow parked the car in the garage outside of her parents old house. She stepped out of the car and went to open the front door when she noticed that Cordelia wasn't there. She shook her head. she'd probably gotten distracted and not realised that they had arrived at home. She leant in the window to see if the brunette was there but was scared when she wasn't. She looked up and down the quickly darkening street. "Delia, This isn't funny where are you?" She ran down the street searching for her missing friend, when she got to the park it was already dark. She kept running until her feet went numb. She sank on her heels calling for Cordelia, tears running down her face. When she looked up she saw an old friend leaning against a gnarled tree. She was shocked. She hadn't seen Rupert Giles since before Buffy and Xander died.

Rupert leant against the tree and lit a cigarette. The redheaded witch was blinded with worry and concern for her friend. he knew she would be. His plan was falling into place just as he knew it would. Willow Rosenberg would pay for what she had done and he'd see to that. He smiled at her when she looked up at him. "Giles? What are you doing here? Delia's missing. You've got to help me find her. Please Giles, I don't know what to do." He exhaled coolly. "Where are Angel and Spike? I felt sure that two vampires like them would be protecting their whores." Willow shook her head in denial not believing that this man whom she'd thought of as a father would speak to her like that. "Well where are they? Get tired of having you as a plaything ey, Willow." He smirked knowing he'd centred on one of her biggest fears. She shook her head, tears she would've thought impossible flowing freely down her mud stained cheeks. "I thought you were a good girl Willow, obviously I was mistaken. Look at yourself. What do your parents think of you Willow? Pregnant and whore to two of the most sadistic killers in history. I'm ashamed of you. You let them kill your friends. Your nothing but a slut. Buffy and Xander gladly risked their lives for you on so many occasions and you let them down. You let your vampires kill them. I'm shocked Cordelia even speaks to you after what you did to her. You let her down Willow. She's gone. Probably dead by now. All because you are a selfish whore who doesn't care about her friends or anyone but herself and who she's sleeping with at the moment." She buried her head in her hand and cried out for Angelus. "No you're vampire won't save you tonight Willow, he won't save you or your child. Rupert pulled a dagger out of his boot and started towards Willow.

Emeline Harris was on patrol with her two watchers, she smiled as she watched Wesley arguing with Doyle about the regenerative properties of Mohra demons. He was a complete tosser and she loved him for it. The council had been smart in assigning him to her together with Doyle the three of them were an indestructible team. She walked between the two watchers and place an arm around their shoulders. "How about we head over toward the park then back to the school then home. Okay there's not much activity tonight." The three of them agreed unanimously and headed over to the park.

Willow began to run when she saw Giles heading toward her, but she was so tired emotionally and physically that she knew she'd be no match for the former watcher. She felt her baby kick and she prayed to the goddess that if only for his sake that she escaped.

Angel and Spike continued painting the nursery, Willow and Delia had finally decided on lemon and blue with a nursery rhyme theme trim around the center of the walls. They'd stored all the baby furniture at the mansion while they were painting. At that very moment they were discussing who the better soccer team were. Spike was all for Manchester United while Angelus was more partial to the Scottish leagues Celtics.

Willow ran and ran Giles hot on her tail. She could feel him getting closer and closer. She centered all her power on creating a white circle of protection and light around herself. She concentrated and focused on extending the circle to encompass her unborn child and her closest friend, Delia. She prayed while she ran that the goddess would protect her love and her friends if anything happened to her. She prayed they were still alive.

When Emeline and co. reached the park gates she saw Willow hurtling through the park at top speed. She watched as her older brothers childhood friend fall and the elder man advanced. She knew she had to save her. She ran across the park hoping she'd reach her in time. Her watchers followed.

Giles smiled sadistically as he cast a circle around himself and Willow. He strengthened the magical bonds and knelt by Willow's fallen body. He held his dagger above her rounded stomach and muttered to himself. A semiconscious Willow heard the words and the realisation chilled her. Giles was using magic to kill her child. He traced the curve of her belly and she shuddered at the contact of the cold steel. She concentrated all her energy and will on her child. She used her last bit of strength to call to the goddess. "Goddess Hectate, I call on thee as thy humble servant. I will thee to aid myself and my child. I ask for thy protection." She pleaded inwardly as she lost consciousness.

Rupert drew all his energy and that of the entity of hell he'd called on to aid him, to harm the child in Willow's stomach. He traced patterns over her stomach and spoke curses in Latin urging Elia the vengeance demon to take the life of this child.

Emeline bolted to the scene she attempted to get through to Willow but some sort of barrier kept her from getting through. Wes claimed it was magical circle. She could tell by the look in his eye that there was something he wasn't telling her and she knew it had something to do with Willow's assailant. "Doyle, go get Angelus, Spike and Cordelia. They're probably at their new place. I think it's over on Jale Street. " He nodded and ran off. She turned her attention to Wesley. "Who is he Wes and how do I stop him?" He stared at her amazed this little hellfire had seen through him so well. "His name is Rupert Giles, he wa--" "He was Buffy Summers watcher. I remember Xander spoke about him once or twice. Why is he hurting Will? How can we stop him." Fear was etched on her face and Wesley knew it wasn't something you'd see often. " Emeline, as far as I remember my time with him he was rather powerful at the black arts. If he's had eight months to study he could be rather dangerous. I refuse to let you try anything until we understand the circumstances. Magic is dangerous." Tight fingers grasped around his throat. "No Wes, you don't understand. She was my brothers best friend. She used to baby-sit for me. I will not let her die. I love you Wes, but if you don't help me I'll do this on my own. So I think you should help me." He nodded and she released him. He took her hand and stood at the edge of the circle. "We can try this, I don't know if it'll work. It depends on how much power Mr Giles has and if he's focused on keeping the circle strength up. Em, you've got to focus all of your energy on breaking through the barrier. This is the only way." She nodded and gripped his hand. "Okay." Both closed their eyes and willed away the barriers.

At that moment Doyle had gathered Angelus and Spike who were furious when they heard someone was threatening Willow and even more so when the found out that Delia wasn't with her. angelus and Doyle were headed toward the park while Spike had gone in search of the cheerleader. When he reached Willow's house he searched around the perimeters for any clue of a struggle. In the backyard he found a lavender high heel, identical to the ones Delia had been wearing that afternoon. He ran to the back door and attempted to get inside when he saw her. Cordelia had been strung up on the staircase, She was pushing herself up trying to breathe and was slowly failing. She'd be dead in ten minutes if he didn't get to her. He tried to get in but he had never been invited in. She was slowly losing consciousness and he panicked. "Delia, it's me Spike. You've got to invite me in. " She lifted her head slowly. "S-spike?" She rasped the words and he winced. "Come on baby, don't give up on me. All you've got to do is invite me in." She tried to speak but no words would come out, she could barely breathe. She lifted her head and looked at Spike, her eyes filled with tears and she mouthed the words I love you and she dropped her head. That's when it hit him. "Delia, Can I come in?" She nodded limply her head falling to her chest. He burst through the door and ran to her side. Tearing down her bonds he let her drop into his arms. He held her unconscious body in his arms and let blood tears of relief slide down his cheeks. "Oh god, I love you Delia. I thought I'd lost you but I can't I love you so much." He carried her body upstairs and tucked her into a bed. He smoothed her hair and kissed her forehead. He turned and left the room. Delia was safe, but there's still Willow to be saved.

Emeline felt the barriers break down and she concentrated harder. She could hear Giles' screeching at their invasion. She smiled, she was going to enjoy taking this one out. She concentrated harder and smiled when she felt someone grip her hand. Sure it was Doyle she tentatively pushed her foot forward and over the line of the circle. She smiled, she was in. She turned back to Doyle and noticed that Angelus had taken Wesley's hand and was working with them. She nodded at him and they both let go of the watcher's hands and entered the circle.

Angelus' gripped Rupert's head and yanked him backwards away from Willow delivering a kick to his jaw. "How dare you touch her." He began to pummel him as Emeline carried Willow over to Wesley and Doyle. Doyle began to check her over for any immediate damage. Emeline went to join Angelus when she felt Wesley's hand on hers. She spun back around to face him. She started to speak but was silenced by a kiss. When Wes pulled away he smiled. "Be careful Em." He let go of her hand and motioned for her to go help Angelus who was at that moment delivering a few nice punches to Rupert's rib cage.

Spike ran through the park. He could see the watchers with Willow and smiled as he saw Angelus and the slayer belting the crap out of some guy. Before joining the festivities he decided to check on his favourite redhead. His face was grave when he saw her lying on the ground. Her face was pale and lifeless, her formerly vibrant hair was ragged and limp. Mud stained her face and her clothes were torn and bloody from the scratches that covered her body. He growled as he slid into his game face and picked up Willow. "We have to get her to a hospital. Now!" Doyle nodded. "Right, the cars over here." Spike followed him to the car and gently laid Willow in the back seat. Wesley slid in beside her and Doyle got in the drivers seat. "I'll bring your slayer and Angelus over to the hospital when the bastard that did this is dead." Visions of Cordelia dangling over the staircase only served to fuel his anger at whomever the did this. He started off toward the fighting.

Emeline held Rupert up while Angelus broke his kneecaps. Spike arrived and on seeing who done this let out a growl. "What kind of sick bastard does this? She's pregnant you bloody wanker." He broke Giles' nose. "And what about Cordelia, that girl is a bloody angel." H e kicked him in the stomach. Meanwhile Angelus was getting great enjoyment from twisting his neck to breaking resistance. "Usually Rupert, I'd go on with this for hours. With pliers and all but, well my love is in hospital. I'd had better go and see how she is, Any last words before I let Spike break that lovely neck of yours?" Giles lifted his head and stared into his eyes. "You killed my slayer, you killed Xander and you corrupted her, Now I took your son." Angelus eyes grew dark and Spike twisted Rupert's neck until it cracked.

Angelus took off at vampiric speed towards the hospital. Spike and Emeline walked in companionable silence towards the car. "Do you mind if we stop at the house and check on Cordelia?" She nodded. The drive was silent. Something was bothering Emeline. Spike could sense her ill ease and pulled over the car. "What's wrong slayer?" She looked at him and her bottom lip trembled. Soon she was crying in Spike's arms. He soothed her and she opened up. "He was human. Not a vamp or a demon or anything super natural. Human. I stood by and let you and Angelus kill a human being. It's my job to protect them." He nodded sympathetically. "I understand Em, but he was evil. He wasn't a demon, but he was still evil and you were doing your job. You protected and saved two or more human lives tonight by stopping him." She smiled and nodded. Spike started the car and when they pulled up in front of Willow's house she stopped him. " He was Buffy Summers watcher?" He nodded not wanting to answer that question. She understood and followed him inside. Cordelia was in the kitchen when they arrived making coffee. When she saw Spike she flung herself into his arms. "Oh god Spike, I thought that something had happened to you. I was so worried." He hugged her back but pulled away a moment later. Cordelia knew something was wrong and began to panic. "Where's Willow? and Angelus? Why is Emeline here? Spike what's wrong?" He grimaced. "Buffy's watcher, he tried to kill Willow and the baby. She's at the hospital right now. I told Angelus and the watchers we'd go over there." She nodded and grabbed a coat from the closet by the back door. "What pet, you can't come. You have to stay here and rest." She rolled her eyes and walked out to Spike's car. Emeline smiled and followed them out.

When they arrived at the hospital they found Angelus' pacing and angry. Cordelia was the first in. "Angelus' where's Willow is she okay?" He looked up with bloodstained eyes, "She's having a emergency C-section. They think there's something wrong with the baby, They don't think they'll make it. " he began to cry again as did Cordelia. She collapsed on the floor and Spike began to comfort her as Emeline comforted Angelus.

Half an hour later the doctor arrived. "We delivered your son, Mr Boyle. He was early and there were complications. Right now he's in an incubator in the IC unit. The mother is still in recovery. She had an awful time of it and is in a coma. She may or may not wake from it, the longer she stays in it the less the chance is." The vampire who had evoked terror and fear in so many hearts today looked so scared he might break. Cordelia and Spike were almost as bad. Emeline and her watchers were scared for the young witch who had become so dear to them. "Can I please see her?" Angelus appeared more reminiscent of his broody counterpart at that moment than he ever had before he slowly followed the young doctor down the fluorescent lit corridor.

Cordelia led the others to the IC natal ward where they'd been told the baby was. They looked through the window at his tiny body. He was little more than 35 centimetres long. His skin was transparent. Delia blinked back her tears when she saw all the machine's he was linked up to to stay alive. She burrowed into Spikes arms and cried yet again. "Oh god Spike, he's so tiny. They don't deserve this. " Spike soothed her looking at the tiny baby's chest rise and fall as he breathed. He had bright little brown eyes and a small amount of brown hair. He smiled staring at his little brother. Everything would be alright. He could feel it.

Angel broke down when he saw Willow lying the hospital bed. Her hair had been cut and pushed back off of her face. Her eyes were closed and her body was over run with tubes and drips keeping her alive. He sat by her bed and wept. "Ohh Willow, what am I going to do? You can't leave me I won't let you. I need you too much, and our son. He needs you. You have to wake up, you have to. I'm helpless, I've never been helpless. Please don't leave me." He held her hand against his cheek. "Please Willow, stay with me." They spent days by her side. Angelus never left not once. He wouldn't feed or look at his son. He became so weak and his face was even more pale than usual. When he was strong enough they moved the baby into Willow's room while they waited for her to wake up. Everyone's hopes dwindled and they were convinced that Willow was lost to them, everyone but Angelus. His belief that she would wake up kept him going. He spoke to her and one day it happened. Cordelia and Spike were bottle feeding the baby and Emeline and Wesley had gone for coffee again. Doyle was reading a magazine and Angelus as usual was by Willow's side when she woke up.

Willow woke and the first word she spoke was "Alexander." She sat upright and called for him. Angelus' grasped her hand. "Willow, ohmigod. I knew you'd wake up. I knew it." She smiled at him as he enfolded her in his arms. She cried. "Angelus' I saw him, Xander. he helped me Angelus' he saved our son." He smiled warily. "What happened Will?" She closed her eyes. " I was running away from Giles, and I fell and then next thing I was sitting with Xander in our tree house in his back yard. He told me that I'd be alright. That my son was going to be a warrior for the powers of good. He's going to save the world. He told me he forgives you for killing him and that you did what you had too. He said to say he loves you Cordy, but that you need to move on to your new love and that Drusilla says hi. She paused and looked ar Cordelia who was sitting with Spike and the baby. "Is that my son?" Delia stood up and brought him over to her. "Ohh he's beautiful." She kissed his forehead and smiled Angelus who was now seated behind her on the bed. "What else did Xander say Willow?" She smiled. "He told me that he was watching for us. That he was planning on sticking around for a while to make sure his namesake didn't do to badly in math. Then he took me back to the park and I saw everything that happened. Where's Em?" "She's gone to get coffee. I'll go get her." Doyle stood and left to get his slayer. When they returned Angelus was roaring. "I am not calling my son Alexander Harris. I will not call him that." Willow smiled sweetly at him. "Please Angelus?" he sighed "Fine call him Buffy for all I care. I still think that Angelus jnr is a much better name." "Okay we'll compromise, Let's call puppy Angelus jnr. He's too big to still be puppy." He laughed and Spike walloped him on the head. "What was that for?" "Don't know, fun, sport, congartulations and all the rest." he laughed and the three onlookers were happy for the little family. Willow smiled when she noticed Em in the corner. "Still the shy little slayer. Come here. " Em approached the bed. "I have a message for you Em. From Xander. He said to say he loves you and that he watching out for you. He said that he's sticking around and that we'll know him when we see him." She smiled at the girl. "He's proud of you. We all are. You saved our lives, we'd never have gotten through this without you. " The baby let out a small cry and everyone laughed. "Well I guess Alexander is saying thank you." Willow smiled at the baby who was screwing up his face and throwing his little fists around. "Well he's Angelus' son that's for sure."

Doyle smiled at the seven others in the room, the witch, her son, his father the vampire, the cheerleader and her boyfriend the vampire, his partner and his slayer and he knew that he'd found something he didn't want to lose. A family.